Save the date: September 23 – 25, 2014

The Yerba Buena Center
San Francisco, CA

The Summit is an annual gathering of civic technology leaders — ranging from Mayors to entrepreneurs, from community organizers to CTOs — who hold a shared belief that together we can create a government by the people, for the people works for us all in the 21st century.

What started as a way to bring together our distributed and ever-expanding network has grown into the annual event where forward-thinking technologists, government officials, and community advocates convene to exchange ideas, explore new ways to solve problems, and identify best practices for improving the way government works. More than 80 cities were represented at last year’s event.

This year's event will bring together even more cities and civic-minded citizens for two half days of main-stage content, breakout session, and working groups.

Stay tuned for more information on registration.

Who participates?


The Summit is one of the few opportunities for civic leaders from all levels of government, from cities and counties big and small, to come together and discuss their vision, opportunities, and challenges.


Developers, designers, researchers, product managers, data enthusiasts, and technologists of all varieties join the Summit to share stories, ideas and code. These active citizens are turning passion into action and impact.


Transformation doesn’t happen without engagement in a larger ecosystem. The startups, entrepreneurs, foundations, civic hackers, and tech companies who sustain our communities also participate in the dialogue.

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“The Summit was breathtakingly ambitious in the scope of the hoped-for transformation of government — yet surprisingly accessible for a non-technical person.”

Susan Clark, Institute for Local Government

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