About Code for America

What is Code for America?

Code for America is a passionate, mission-driven civic tech nonprofit organization that believes government at all levels can and should work well for everyone. We use insights and ideas from real people to guide us to real solutions that break down barriers to meet community needs and improve government in meaningful ways. Read more about our ideas and our programs.

What does Code for America do?

At Code for America, we have been working for more than a decade with community organizations and government to build digital tools and services using principles and practices of the digital age to help improve how government serves the public. We also work to change policies and create a human-centered government that works well for everyone. We are committed to improving government service delivery in the criminal legal system, the safety net, tax benefits, and through local initiatives.

Is Code for America a nonprofit?

Yes, Code for America is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. You can view our Charity Navigator profile here and our Guidestar profile here.

Is Code for America affiliated with a political party?

No. Code for America is a nonpartisan organization. Our mission garners support from both sides of the aisle, and we are trusted by representatives and governments of both major political parties.

Who supports Code for America?

We’re supported by generous individual donors, institutional funders, and governments. Read more about our supporters here.

General Donation Questions

Why should I donate to Code for America? What do my donations support?

Donations to Code for America help us build a government that works well for all people. We all do better when communities across the country have what they need to thrive. We’re working shoulder to shoulder with community organizations to leverage technology, to organize, and to build partnerships that help families find food, expunge criminal records, increase access to public data, and so much more. Your donations help make this work possible.

Do you publish your financial statements or an annual report?

Yes. As a nonprofit organization, Code for America is required to disclose all financial information, which you can find here. We also publish our progress each year in our annual Impact Report, you can read those here.

How can I financially support Code for America?

Code for America accepts gifts of grants, cash, check, stock, donor-advised funds, IRA charitable rollovers, in-kind donations, and more. Monetary donations can be made online or via a check sent to 972 Mission St, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. If you have any questions about how to give or get involved, please email us at giving@codeforamerica.org or call us at (415) 816-1286 and we would be happy to help.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law.

Can my company match my donation?

Possibly! Many companies offer matching gift programs. Find out if yours does here.

Usually, companies only need a receipt as proof of contribution and a single form requesting that they match the donation. Provide these (and any other required materials) to the appropriate personnel at your company, likely the Human Resources department or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team.

You may need the following information when completing your company’s matching gift program form.

  1. EIN: 27-1067272
  2. Mailing address: Code for America Attn: Accounting 972 Mission St, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
  3. Phone: (415) 816-1286
  4. Email: giving@codeforamerica.org

Where can I find my donation receipt?

If you make a gift using our online portal, your receipt will be sent to the email address you provide during check out. If you did not make an online donation, we will send your receipt to the address provided or listed on your check. If you can’t find your receipt, we can resend it. Please contact giving@codeforamerica.org or call us at (415) 816-1286 and we would be happy to help.

Can I make a recurring donation?

Yes! Just select monthly or annual when you go to make your online donation.

Is my online donation secure?

Yes. We partner with Donorbox to ensure all online donations are secure. Donorbox is PCI compliant and secured by SSL/TLS encryption. We tokenize all card and bank details and don’t store any data. We also comply with the SCA requirement of European PSD2 regulations.

Can I donate in someone’s honor/in memory of a loved one?

Absolutely. When you make your online donation, just select “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone” and enter their information in the fields provided.

I don’t want to give online. Where can I mail my donation check?

You can mail your gift to our office at 972 Mission St, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Can I make my gift through a wire transfer?

Yes. Please use the following information to complete a wire transfer gift:

  • Bank Name: Mechanics Bank
  • Branch Name: Berkeley
  • Address: 2301 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703
  • Branch Phone: (510) 647-0720
  • Bank routing #: 121-102-036
  • Checking account #: 041300300
  • SWIFT code: MEBKUS66

Once the wire transfer is initiated, please email giving@codeforamerica.org with the donor name, email, address, and date of transfer so that we can identify and acknowledge your gift promptly.

I can’t make a monetary donation right now. Are there other ways I can support Code for America’s mission?

Absolutely! You can still support us by attending one of our events such as our annual Summit, or by spreading the word about our mission to your friends, family and network. To stay up to date on all Code for America events and happenings, join our mailing list.

How can I make a contribution to Code for America using my Donor-Advised Fund?

Code for America accepts gifts through Donor-Advised Funds. DAFs allow donors to make a charitable contribution, receive a tax deduction at the time the gift is made, and then recommend gifts from that fund over time. If your DAF is set up through Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon, you may use DAF Direct to make your contribution. If you have any questions about supporting Code for America through a DAF, please contact a member of the Development team at giving@codeforamerica.org or (415) 816-1286.

How do I make a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds?

Code for America accepts gifts of stocks and securities that have appreciated in value. This type of gift is a simple and popular way for donors to access significant tax benefits while supporting our mission.

Donating to Code for America with stock:

  • Charles Schwab
  • DTC #0164
  • Code#: 40
  • Account # 79294942
  • Account Name: Code for America Labs, Inc.
  • Please instruct your broker to enter identifying information (i.e., your name and address, phone number, account number, broker information) into the “Text Comment” field of the DTC screen.

Please email giving@codeforamerica.org when the transfer is initiated with the following details, so we can promptly identify and acknowledge your gift:

  • Donor name, email, address
  • Date of transfer
  • Stock name
  • Number of shares

Can I make an IRA charitable rollover to Code for America?

Code for America accepts IRA charitable contributions. If you are 70½ years or older you can make a tax-free gift to Code for America directly from your IRA. You may contribute up to $100,000 without incurring income tax on your withdrawal to a qualified nonprofit, such as Code for America, each year. In addition, your gift also counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution.

If the donor name and address for acknowledgment purposes is not included with the gift, please contact us at giving@codeforamerica.org so we know to expect your gift.

Please make checks payable to “Code for America” and mail to 972 Mission St, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.

I’m interested in making a planned/legacy gift. How do I get started?

There are a few ways you can make a legacy gift that will help Code for America make long-term sustainable impact:

  • Bequests: Include Code for America in your will or trust.
  • Life Insurance and Retirement Plans: You can designate Code for America as a full or partial beneficiary of your policies and accounts.

If you would like to make a planned gift, please email giving@codeforamerica.org so we can identify and acknowledge your gift.

Corporate Partners

My company is interested in supporting Code for America. Who do I contact to find out more information?

Code for America accepts grants, cash, in-kind, employee matching, and stock gifts from corporations that are aligned with our mission and values. Please call (415) 816-1286 or email giving@codeforamerica.org with your company name and contact information, and we will reach out to get started.

My company is interested in sponsoring a Code for America event. Who do I contact to find out more information?

Code for America welcomes corporate sponsorships of our events, and you can find upcoming events available for sponsorship on our Events page. For sponsorship requests, please email giving@codeforamerica.org or call (415) 816-1286 and we will be in touch to get started.

Have Another Question?

I represent clients interested in supporting Code for America. Who can I contact for more information?

We are happy to work with philanthropic advisors. Please contact a member of the Development team at (415) 816-1286 or giving@codeforamerica.org to get started.

My foundation is interested in working with Code for America. Who do I contact for more information?

Code for America always welcomes working with foundations in support of our mission. Please contact a member of the Development team at (415) 816-1286 or giving@codeforamerica.org to get started.

Don’t see your question here? 

Contact a member of the Development team at (415) 816-1286 or giving@codeforamerica.org and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Code for America and how to support our mission.