• Staff member

Jey Flores (they/them)

  • Director of Software Engineering, Code for America

During the two decades of their career, Jey Flores (they/them) has always believed in the transformative power of technology to uplift and empower individuals and communities. Before joining Code for America, Jey led app development at Bandcamp, providing meaningful connection (and income) to independent artists around the globe. They also managed Bandcamp’s internship and apprenticeship programs, which remains their proudest accomplishment of their Bandcamp tenure.

Jey has also found themselves, at different times in their career, overseeing intricate processes to collect, label, and validate enormous datasets used to train self-driving cars, creating free and low-cost math education tools for grade school kids, and helping hundreds of adult learners launch a career in software development through teaching and mentoring. That was a really long sentence, something else Jey is well known for.

They’ve also been a county parks employee, telemarketer, teaching assistant, and spent a particularly sticky summer cleaning enclosures at a rescue zoo and wildlife rehabilitation center.

Along the way, they also made time to cofound a couple tech conferences (Open Source & Feelings, Steel City Ruby), fall in love with a Bermudian artist and technologist, speak at conferences around the world, and buy a little house with a big garden in Seattle.

On sunny days, you’ll find Jey in that garden or at a local park with their partner and their elderly chihuahua Rosa. Jey is also an avid bread baker, music enthusiast (ask them about their record collection), and fiber artist.