• Staff member

Shawn Tabai (all pronouns, she/her preferred)

  • Principal Software Engineer, Code for America

Shawn has worked as a software engineer for around 20 years. Several of those years were at Google, where he worked on projects in search, social media, and infrastructure. She considers herself a generalist, tending towards working on the problems that are causing the most friction for users and teammates. She loves to pair on writing code, debugging a good mystery, or brainstorming on system design. He tries to lead by very publicly admitting failures and gaps in knowledge, hoping to encourage others to feel psychologically safe and embrace a growth mindset.

Shawn has ADHD, and likes to say that his favorite hobby is “collecting hobbies.” Her current top project is writing a sci-fi novel aimed at being highly accessible to neuroatypical people, giving neurotypical people a window into the atypical mind, embracing uniqueness as a superpower, exploring philosophy in modern society, and saving the universe.