• Staff member

Shawna Hein (she/her)

  • Vice President of Experience, Code for America

Shawna Hein, Vice President of Experience at Code for America, is a civic design leader who nerds out on how to organize and run teams to ensure psychological safety, feel empowered, and make the highest positive impact. In her last role, Shawna ran a team of folks working in collaboration with USDS to build VA.gov and ensure that overall design, research, and accessibility operations ran smoothly. She’s also worked with many other organizations across the public and private sector with research and design, including CMS, the United Nations, the FTC, Google, and Intuit. With multiple degrees related to Information Management, Computer Science, and Sociology, Shawna brings a unique combination of skills to her work. When she’s not working Shawna occasionally has time to read, garden, and hike, but she’s mostly a lab assistant and robot-making co-conspirator to her 8 year-old son.