Government services are designed to assist people—but often fall short of providing for everyone. Systemic inequalities, outdated systems, stigmatization, and low public awareness all contribute to the barriers experienced by those seeking assistance. The weight of these challenges is often amplified at the local level, affecting individuals and families striving to overcome the cycle of poverty.

Where you live matters. Your ZIP code can have a stronger influence on your overall health than your genetic code. For the 37 million Americans trying to provide for their families, programs like food and housing assistance or tax credits can significantly improve their living conditions, yet many people remain unable to access these services due to barriers in the system. 

Many local programs aim to uplift marginalized communities, but they are often designed without the input of those who have experienced government systems firsthand. This can leave policymakers and public servants unaware of the pressing issues marginalized communities face and obstructs the path to progress. 

We’re working to bridge this gap.

Transforming local government services

We believe a true collaboration between local government, communities, and residents is the key to overcoming systemic barriers, breaking the cycle of poverty, and advancing equity. Our local initiatives work uses place-based interventions to reimagine government digital service delivery, centering community voices and responding to residents’ needs.

We help city and county governments work closely with local communities to transform government services effectively. We work to break down barriers to essential benefits, helping local communities get what they need.

Our approach

Supporting communities holistically 

Embedding local technologists
We place local technologists within local governments, focusing on building sustainable digital government services. These technologists bring lived experience navigating government systems and provide invaluable insights into how services can be improved.

Building capacity
We help local governments develop effective, human-centered services. By working alongside government agencies, we facilitate the creation of long-term solutions tailored to local needs.

Centering communities
We coach local governments on understanding and advancing community priorities and co-designing digital services. We aim to help government improve individuals’ well-being and foster thriving communities.

Expanding outreach
We engage community members by connecting them with volunteer opportunities and tools to enhance enrollment and uptake of digital government services.

Place-based partnerships are community-driven, outcomes-focused collaborations that design and implement solutions tailored to a community. These partnerships address pressing needs while building on individual and community assets to create opportunity pathways from cradle to career.

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