We’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with government for years to build human-centered technology systems that make it easier for people to access safety net benefits, file their taxes, and get their criminal records cleared. We know the best solutions come from a mindful approach to big challenges using trusted tools and processes from the tech world. Enabling government to work with AI will be no different.

That’s why we’re hosting workshops as part of our AI Studio, to delve into the opportunities and considerations of implementing AI in government systems responsibly. These workshops will focus on how AI can be used in a human-centered way, teach strategies to mitigate the risks associated with AI, and provide inspiration for how you can apply these concepts to your own use cases.

Drawing on learnings from our ongoing in-house experimentation with AI, we’re excited to start hosting these workshops in fall 2024. Both in-person and online options are available starting from $199. Find out more in our recent announcement.

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Code for America’s AI Studio is a new initiative focused on preparing government for working with new technologies in human-centered ways.

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