Help make government work well for everyone

At Code for America, we’re making government benefits more effective and accessible—while ensuring that people are treated with respect and dignity when they claim them.

Every dollar donated to Code for America helps individuals and families nationwide*:

  • $3 can help a family in California receive 1 month of meals through SNAP benefits
  • $10 can help a person in Utah get a fresh start by automatically clearing their eligible convictions
  • $100 can help a family claim nearly $3,000 in tax credits like the Child Tax Credit

*based on our 2022 data

With your support, we can help millions of people meet their basic needs. Donate today.

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In 2022, child poverty more than doubled when pandemic-era assistance expired, leaving 5.2 million children living below the federal poverty threshold. Still, government programs like SNAP, the Child Tax Credit, and Refundable Tax Credits are some of our most effective anti-poverty tools. If the American Rescue Plan’s Child Tax Credit had continued in 2022, it could have prevented about 3 million children from falling into poverty. 

This reaffirms what we always knew to be true: Government benefits are a powerful force for keeping people out of poverty—as long as people can access them.

At Code for America, we believe that:

  • Services can be simple, accessible, and easy to use.
  • Outcomes can be measurably better.
  • Better can cost less.
  • We can serve everyone with dignity and respect.
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We work shoulder to shoulder with community organizations and governments to build digital tools and services, change policies, and improve programs.

We focus on four key areas to drive the most impact:

  • Strengthening the social safety net
  • Improving the tax benefits system
  • Implementing policy changes that reduce the reach of the criminal legal system
  • Empowering communities to create change through local initiatives
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To date, we’ve helped 23 million people access over $7 billion worth of food, healthcare, and flexible cash.

Our goals are bigger than numbers: We’re committed to changing systems to alleviate poverty and advance equity. And the time is now. Donate today.

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Help make government work well for everyone