Blueprint for a Human-Centered Safety Net

Transforming the delivery of public benefits in the digital age

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The majority of Americans have turned to at least one public benefits program at some point in their life for healthcare, food assistance, or economic support in times of need.

The social safety net is a network of largely disconnected supports that aims to promote the health and wellbeing of children, adults, and seniors—and to help them live with agency and dignity. But for too many people, the process of applying for and maintaining safety net benefits requires navigating a system with numerous barriers that push them further away from basic needs like food and healthcare.

A human-centered safety net is one that is simple, accessible, and easy for real people to use. It meets people where they are and provides clarity when there is confusion. And, most of all, it guarantees that the needs of clients are put first. When delivered effectively, a human-centered safety net has the potential to make a transformative impact on people’s lives.

We believe it’s possible to serve all safety net clients with empathy and dignity.

Learn how by exploring the five principles.

Success Stories

See how we’ve made strides toward achieving a human-centered safety net by exploring the pilots we’ve launched across the country.

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