Code for America believes government must work for the people, and by the people, in the digital age, starting with the people who need it most. We build digital services that enhance government capabilities and we help others do the same across all levels of government. We organize thousands of volunteers across nearly 80 chapters nationwide who improve government in their local communities. Our goal: a 21st century government that effectively and equitably serves all Americans.

Over the past two years, Code for America has conducted user research into the safety net benefits landscape on the ground in over 15 states, as well as dramatically scaled our GetCalFresh service (a SNAP application assister used throughout the state of California), and run five statewide Integrated Benefits Initiative pilots delivering technology to improve the efficacy of safety net service delivery. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about the client experience and how to shape and adapt safety net systems to better serve client needs.

The Integrated Benefits Initiative at Code for America leverages technology and design to demonstrate how safety net systems can enable access, improve efficiency, and promote integrity. To achieve this, Code for America has partnered with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Civilla, and Nava Public Benefit Corporation to conduct pilots in Michigan, Colorado, Alaska, Vermont, and Louisiana.

GetCalFresh is a user-centered, digital SNAP outreach and application assister. GetCalFresh supports applicants throughout the CalFresh (SNAP) enrollment process to support California counties to deliver food assistance. GetCalFresh assisted over 1 million applicants in 2019 alone. Our goal is to close the CalFresh participation gap, and ensure that every eligible Californian can have a dignified experience accessing food benefits in times of need.

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