Announcing Code for America Summit 2023

From May 16–17, 2023, we’ll be showing what’s possible in a changing world

Every year, we look forward to our annual Summit, a community-building and networking event that brings together the diverse world of civic tech under the shared goal of learning from and inspiring one another.

This year, our Summit theme is: Showing what’s possible in a changing world.

We chose this theme in recognition of the tumultuous change and uncertainty the world has been through in the past few years, from all the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our lives to the broad social movements calling for more equity in our government systems and society. In the midst of all that, we’ve seen people come together like never before to support their local communities and do the hard work to make government work better for everyone. 

We want to celebrate the wins the civic tech community has made in recent years while taking an inspiring look at what’s to come. At Summit 2023, we’ll bring together changemakers from across the country to share and learn from one another as we break through some of government’s toughest challenges. From navigating how to engage residents in city budgeting to devising better delivery systems for country-wide public benefits programs, we want to show what’s possible when government is truly working for the people. 

Check out this recap of Summit 2022 to see what it was like to come together in Washington D.C.

From May 16–17, 2023, we’ll gather together in Washington, D.C. for an immersive experience that will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and more. Registration will launch in early 2023. Stay tuned for more Summit updates, and in the meantime, consider submitting a breakout session proposal during our open call from November 9–18. The magic of Summit is found in community, and we want to see your voice represented! Whether you’re a government employee, a nonprofit worker, a volunteer, an academic, or a civic tech enthusiast, we’re excited to welcome you (or welcome you back!) to Summit. 

For a taste of what you can expect at Summit, check out Code for America CEO Amanda Renteria’s opening remarks from Summit 2022.

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