Announcing the Civic Tech Immigration Coalition

The latest “ zero-tolerance policy ” by the US government of separating and now detaining families who seek asylum in the US has led us to take action. We want to help by putting our knowledge of technology, data, and innovation to use to help immigrants and their families and support front-line service organizations who assist them at the US-Mexico border, as well as the Southern Mexican border.

This is a complex and difficult issue. Therefore, to inform efforts of the civic tech community, we are convening online listening sessions to hear from organizations on the front lines and understand their most pressing challenges. The goals of these online listening sessions are to:

  • Better define and understand with specificity the nature of the problems immigrants, refugees, and the organizations that serve them are facing
  • Understand who is affected, as well as where and why
  • Prioritize among challenges and needs
  • Understand the tools they have been using so far: what has worked, what hasn’t, and what would be ideal

How can you help?

Forward this invitation widely to immigrant rights groups, civic technologists, and data scientists.

We don’t need to “crowdsource widely” and attract a lot of participation. We need to “crowdsource wisely” and make sure to get out the word to those with relevant know-how by matching people and organizations who understand the problems with those who can leverage data and technology to help.

Sign up here!


  • Once you RSVP by completing the sign-up form, we will send you the login information.
  • Each session will be moderated by an expert in problem definition.
  • Each session will be staffed by volunteers who will take notes and follow up on the session to develop good ideas into more concrete and actionable proposals.

In this moment, many are considering how they can stand up and help mitigate the pain arising from this administration’s zero tolerance policy. We hope that you’ll join us in creating a clear-eyed, targeted, and realistic mechanism for channeling that energy and altruism toward truly impactful solutions for vulnerable children and their families.

Thank you,

Code for America , Codeando México, and The GovLab

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