Code for America Reaches Groundbreaking Collective Bargaining Agreement with CfA Workers United

First-of-its-kind CBA builds upon existing benefits to further support employees, advances Code for America’s mission, and sets a new standard for technology nonprofits

SAN FRANCISCO – Code for America—the leading civic tech nonprofit that works with community leaders and governments to build equitable, accessible digital tools and services—announced today it has reached a groundbreaking collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with CfA Workers United. 

The CBA strengthens Code for America’s mission of working shoulder-to-shoulder with government to improve the way people interact with the social safety net, tax benefits, and criminal justice systems. 

The agreement, which is in place through January 1, 2026, builds upon Code for America’s robust existing benefits structure, which includes health insurance options, open PTO, and a strong and flexible 401(k) plan. CfA Workers United members will receive automatic annual pay raises at the beginning of each year. The CBA also expands paid parental leave to 17 weeks for both birthing and non-birthing parents and extends paid family and medical leave from two weeks to three weeks with an additional nine weeks of unpaid leave.

“Today’s agreement marks a truly historic moment for Code for America, the civic tech community, and the entire nonprofit sector,” said Amanda Renteria, CEO of Code for America. “This CBA shows what is possible when we work together to improve systems for a new generation: a best-in-class benefits package that sets a model for technology nonprofits across the country. We look forward to being a resource for other organizations navigating the future of work.”

Code for America voluntarily recognized CfA Workers United in October 2021. Since then, the organization’s leaders have negotiated with CfA Workers United to reach an agreement using core organizational values as a guide. The two parties have reached a first-of-its-kind CBA that builds upon Code for America’s existing benefits package and includes the following provisions. 

Ensuring a competitive compensation package that encourages growth and learning

This agreement builds on Code for America’s nonprofit sector-leading compensation package and offers learning and development opportunities that allow staff time and resources for growth.

Compensation: Code for America will provide a 3.4% automatic annual raise over the next two years.

Professional development: Code for America full-time employees will continue to receive a $1,000 annual stipend for professional development. Up to $1,000 can be rolled over each year, up to a maximum of $2,000. In addition, Code for America and CfA Workers United will establish a new career development committee to build out and refine growth opportunities for union members. 

401K benefits: Code for America will continue to provide a 100 percent match up to 3 percent of annual income for each full-time employee each year. After 3 years of service, Code for America will match 50 percent of the employee contribution over 3 percent up to a maximum of 5 percent. 

Sabbatical: Employees will continue to be eligible for a one-month paid sabbatical after four years of employment—and up to an additional month of unpaid leave. Sabbatical leave is an opportunity for long-serving employees to broaden their experience, take on new challenges, and return to work feeling refreshed. 

Supporting a healthy and resilient workforce

The agreement gives staff the benefits to care for both their physical and mental health and the time off and flexibility to balance life outside of work. 

Health care: Code for America will continue to provide multiple no-cost health insurance options for full-time employees for employee-only coverage, and continue to cover a minimum of 80 percent of the cost of standard dependent coverage.

Health and wellness leave: Code for America will expand existing leave options with the health and wellness of employees and their families in mind including:

  • Parental: 17 weeks of paid leave, to be taken in the first 12 months after birth or placement for adoption or foster care of a child. 
  • Bereavement: 10 days of bereavement leave per year.
  • Illness, preventive care, and mental health: 12 days of leave per year, which may be used for wellness and self-care.
  • Family and medical leave: All employees are eligible for up to three weeks of fully paid family and medical leave and an additional nine weeks unpaid within a 12 month period. 

Fertility and adoption benefits: For each employee who is not eligible for a health plan that covers this benefit, Code for America will provide up to $10,000 lifetime coverage for adoption assistance, fertility assistance and preservation, and family planning, regardless of diagnosed infertility or gender, through a health reimbursement account.

Paid time off: Code for America employees will continue to have an open PTO policy that allows them to take the time off that they need, with the addition of necessary guardrails to ensure that time off is equitable across the organization and that all commitments to government partners are met.

Holidays: Code for America employees will continue to receive approximately 17 holidays and office closures, which includes 11 federal holidays including Juneteenth, Election Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Employees who wish to observe a religious holiday(s) not listed may take those days off in coordination with their supervisor. Under the agreement, employees will have three Summer Fridays each year. 

Work week: Code for America will continue to follow a five-day, 40-hour work week schedule in accordance with current organizational policy, federal and state government work hours, and existing contracts with government partners. If any state partners adopt four-day work week legislation, Code for America may use its discretion to consider a reduced hour work week. 

Flexible schedules: Code for America employees may work with their managers on adjustments of less than two hours to allow for routine needs like school pick-ups. In such cases, those hours would be made up the same day.

Commitment to belonging and inclusion

The agreement also reflects Code for America’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Equitable compensation review: Code for America will conduct a biennial pay equity review of all salaries and progression of promotions in the union to determine and ensure fairness and equity based on gender, race, ethnicity, and other protected statuses.

Gender-affirming care: For each employee who is not eligible for a health plan that covers this service, Code for America will provide up to $10,000 lifetime coverage for care related to gender affirmation or reassignment through a health reimbursement account.

Bilingual pay differential: Code for America will provide additional compensation to team members who provide bilingual translation in service of our mission.

About Code for America 

Code for America, a nonprofit founded in 2009, believes that government can work for the people, and by the people, in the new digital age. We work with government at all levels across the country to make the delivery of public services equitable with technology. We work with community organizations and governments to build digital tools, change policies, and improve programs. Our goal: a resilient government that effectively and equitably serves everyone.

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