Google Invests $3M in Code for America’s Record Clearance Initiative

A Google Fellows team will also work with Code for America to accelerate impact

We’re pleased to announce Google is investing $3M in our Clear My Record initiative, which helps states automatically clear eligible criminal records.

By automating the process of clearing criminal records, we’re making it easier for states to give people the fresh start they are legally entitled to after a conviction. 

We do this by working with government to design automatic record clearance policies, and building the technology that puts them into action. 

Criminal records are often lifelong barriers to employment, housing and education. But they don’t have to be. To date, our Clear My Record initiative will help approximately 1 million people across 20 states get a fresh start.

Google’s support will help us accelerate this impact. Google is also committing a pro-bono team of full-time Fellows who will help us better identify records that are eligible to be cleared, so we can help even more people get the life opportunities they need and deserve. 

Learn more about how we’re fundamentally transforming the way criminal records are cleared across the nation, and consider supporting the momentum we’re building for lasting, equitable change.

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