Minnie Ingersoll Joins Code for America as COO

Code for America is thrilled to announce that Minnie Ingersoll will be joining the team as our new COO.

Minnie is a long-time Silicon Valley executive with experience scaling operations to have exponential impact. She started her career as an early product manager at Google where she created and scaled Google Fiber, which has successfully provided broadband Internet and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to cities across the country. It was while working with city governments on behalf of Google Fiber that Minnie first got involved with Code for America.

“In my hardest times, I have been touched by the aid of others and I deeply want the opportunity to give back and help make government work for those who need it most,” said Ingersoll. “By bringing the practices that are relatively common in tech into government, we can serve everyone equally with dignity. Nothing could excite me more than making that vision grow and scale.”

Most recently, Minnie served as the COO of Shift, a Goldman Sachs and DFJ -funded company that she founded and led as COO for the past 3.5 years.   

“There would be no Shift without Minnie. It was her leadership, dedication, and operational expertise that got us to where we are today,” said Shift Founder and CEO George Arison. “Minnie is not only brilliant at scaling operations, but she also creates an incredible work culture and is a lot of fun! There is no one I would rather have built my business with and Code for America is lucky to have her.”

Minnie is joining Code for America at a pivotal moment. Since 2011, Code for America has redesigned hundreds of local government services using best practices from consumer technology. We’ve proven that government technology can be as good as what we use in our everyday lives. Now, Code for America is gearing up to scale nationally with services that help people apply for food assistance, legally clear their records, and retrain for new jobs through government programs.

Last year’s election made it clear that government wasn’t working for most people, and Minnie said that Code for America Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka’s words on the subject resonated deeply: “Politics isn’t government, and governing isn’t someone else’s problem. It’s ours.”

“America needs Minnie Ingersoll right now, and she’s going to serve her country by making government work as it should for all Americans by helping make our organization and our community the best it can be,” said Jennifer Pahlka.

Minnie joins thousands of others — staff, fellows, and volunteers who power Code for America, USDS and 18F, and public servants across the country — who are reclaiming government as a massive, powerful force for good. In the coming weeks, Minnie hopes to learn more about how Code for America can scale its impact even further. As Minnie posted on LinkedIn, “Advice, offers to help, introductions, and moral support are always welcome!” Say hi to Minnie.