Our New Roles at Code for America

If you read our founder Jen Pahlka’s announcement on our blog earlier today, you know that she is stepping back from the Executive Director role at Code for America, while our search for a new CEO continues. And you know that we will be taking the reins of the organization as interim co-CEOs. We’re excited and humbled to have the opportunity to step up and lead an organization that means so much to both of us and makes such a big difference in the world.

We’re grateful to Jen for creating such a special place here at Code for America, for her leadership over the years, and for her advice, support, and contributions as a board member going forward. We’re also grateful to her, to the board, and to everyone in our community for placing your trust in us as we all take on the important and challenging work before us together.

As Jen mentioned, we’ll continue to retain our current roles and responsibilities, and given the strength of our team and our work, we expect the majority of the day-to-day operations of the organization to roll on as they do today.

We’re going to be full-speed ahead on our 2020 plans too. We entered the year with an ambitious set of growing programs and a great team and hiring plan to match, and we’re excited to drive that forward. We’re looking forward to a year of big impact from established programs like GetCalFresh, Integrated Benefits, Clear My Record, the Brigade Network, and our Community Fellowship. We also see enormous potential in our newest body of work focused on the Earned Income Tax Credit.

And of course the CEO search continues. As interim co-CEOs, our goal is to keep up our incredible momentum and strengthen execution, so we can continue to make a big impact while also having the time and space to find the right leader for this unique organization that we are so proud to serve.

Let’s do this!