Statement from Code for America Chief Program Officer Tracey Patterson on the Enhanced Cybersecurity for SNAP Act of 2024

Code for America is proud to support the Enhanced Cybersecurity for SNAP Act of 2024, which will eliminate a major vulnerability impacting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  participants. 

For Americans struggling to keep food on the table, a SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card can be a lifeline. But when benefits on a SNAP EBT card are stolen through card skimming, SNAP participants face a sudden and devastating hole in their food budgets. To help protect SNAP participants from becoming victims of this heartbreaking crime, our government can—and should—employ the same technology that protects other debit and credit cards to prevent theft of SNAP funds.

In addition to the bill’s enhanced security features, we also are encouraged by provisions that increase access to user-friendly tools for SNAP participants to review their account balances, helping people manage their budgets and detect any suspicious transactions early. This legislation reflects Code for America’s belief that with the mindful use of technology, government can work well for everyone.  

All cardholders deserve peace of mind while grocery shopping, regardless of whether they pay with a credit or debit card or an EBT card. This measure will deliver on that promise and safeguard SNAP participants’ access to nutrition. 

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