Statement from Code for America on the New Bipartisan Proposal to Enhance the Child Tax Credit

At a time when American families are working hard to make ends meet, a boost to the Child Tax Credit would be a much-needed lifeline. If enacted, this bipartisan measure has the potential to help millions of children—in addition to the 3 million who have already have been lifted out of poverty due to this tax benefit. By strengthening the Child Tax Credit for those families earning the least, this legislation will bolster a critical support for the children who need it most.

With less than two weeks until tax filing season begins, Code for America recognizes the urgency of ensuring not only that Congress passes this legislation, but also that families actually receive the Child Tax Credit. This underscores the importance of the IRS Direct File project, an effort to make it free and easy for every family to file a tax return. The prospect of Child Tax Credit expansion shines a light on the need to build on this pilot in future years and transform access to the tax system.

Code for America remains committed to simplifying the tax filing process, supporting more taxpayers, and ultimately, building the technology needed to help ensure that every eligible family receives the Child Tax Credit.

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