Statement from Code for America on House of Representatives Passage of Bipartisan Proposal to Enhance the Child Tax Credit

Last night, the US House of Representatives approved a proposal with broad, bipartisan support to enhance the Child Tax Credit.

This is a huge deal. The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a much-needed lifeline with the power to lift millions of children and families out of poverty. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that this proposal will benefit some 16 million low-income children and lift as many as 400,000 kids out of poverty. By providing this assistance, the CTC reduces food insecurity and plays “a critical role in helping families maintain economic stability.” We hope that this legislation will move through the Senate swiftly and that the President will sign it into law.

The work, however, doesn’t stop there. We must ensure that all those eligible to receive these benefits actually receive them.

That’s why Code for America has prioritized making tax benefits more accessible and equitable. During 2021’s CTC expansion, our GetCTC tool proved that it is transformative when it’s easy for traditional non-filers to access the benefits they are due. And now we’re working with government partners in New York and Arizona to help make e-filing federal and state tax returns a free, seamless option for tax filers.  

Code for America remains committed to simplifying the tax filing process for everyone, supporting more taxpayers, and ultimately, building the tools we need to help ensure that every eligible family in America receives the Child Tax Credit.

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