Summit Preview: Service Design + Delivery

Get a sneak peek of the events, speakers, and themes in the Service Design + Delivery track of Code for America Summit 2022
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Code for America Summit 2022 is happening May 17–18. This year, our speakers will lead sessions in four tracks: Service Design + Delivery, Policy + Administration, Operations + Management, People Power + Community. In this preview, we’ll be focusing on Service Design + Delivery. This track is all about the end-to-end design and delivery of government services, which are at the core of what matters most—where people experience government.

To find out more, we spoke with Summit content committee members Angelica Quicksey, Service Design Manager for Nava PBC and Board Member of Technologists for the Public Good, and Taylor Campbell, Director of Programs at the Georgetown University Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation.

Why did we choose this topic? Why is it particularly relevant now?

Delivery of services, whether technical or non-technical, can no longer be viewed as an afterthought to policy decisions. A just and equitable government must get policy implementation right. The pandemic has accelerated the move from paper-based, in-person services towards online, digital experiences. Service design and delivery is critical to ensuring that governments are truly able to help people when and how they need it the most. 

What will be uniquely valuable about this track?

The Service Design + Delivery track focuses on the interfaces between people and government. We’ve curated this track to highlight many interesting examples of governments breaking down barriers to deliver services that have equitable and just outcomes, rather than accepting status-quo participation gaps, with examples ranging from text messages for digital outreach to better usability testing. Additionally, Code for America’s Service Design team is running “Service Design 101,” a highly interactive in-person session about the still-being-defined-yet-already-a-buzzword discipline—there, we’ll talk about different definitions of service design and our strong belief that most everyone working in government is already doing service design work. 

What are some examples of attendees who would benefit from this track?

This track is for anyone, with or without a technical background, who is a stakeholder in a government service. This could be someone who procures the technology that implements a service or a policymaker deciding how or what to create. We want to illustrate the importance of collaborative, cross-functional service design and delivery—and that truly exemplifies the Summit theme of “building the path forward, together.” 

Want to see more of the Service Design + Delivery track? Browse through all our session descriptions here or check out a sample of sessions in this track below:

  • Accessing accessibility: Bringing diverse perspectives to modernize
  • Passing the research baton: How to keep projects human-centered when teams change
  • Designing with not for: The role of user research and constituent voice in criminal justice reform

Hear from speakers in government, non-profits, and the private sector, like: 

  • Andrew Hernandez, Community Fellow, City of Fort Collins, Code for America
  • Stephanie Cain, Digital Service Expert, Colorado Digital Service
  • Jen Carter, Global Head of Technology, 
  • Chinelo Ikejimba, Senior Designer/Researcher, Nava PBC
  • Gray Lee, User Researcher, Fearless

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