• Staff member

Ash Campo

  • Staff Software Engineer, Code for America

Ash (pronouns they/them) is excited to re-join CfA as an engineer. They’ve spent 2 and a half years on GetCalFresh, and a few months over the summer as a part-time contractor. Previous to Code for America, they were a consultant software engineer at ThoughtWorks, working on multiple projects including some odd ones in IoT. They also worked as a product-focused engineer at Opower, a partner of PG&E, encouraging users to reduce their energy usage. Ash has lived in Oakland a little over 6 years with their two cats, most recently residing east of the lake. In their free time they enjoy the required Bay Area outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, container gardening, and snowboarding. During COVID, they’ve been focusing on the indoor arts of embroidery, cross stitch, and trying to control their ever-growing indoor plants.