This page is about a former staff member. Meet the Code for America team
  • Former staff member

Brielle Plump

  • Former Community Coordinator, Code for America

Brielle joined Code for America in May 2014. As Communities Coordinator, Brielle manages incoming communication channels for the Code for America Community Programs, specifically Code for All and the Code for America Brigade.   Prior to joining the Code for America team, Brielle worked as a Marketing Manager, then Faculty Manager for Kaplan Test Prep’s Graduate Division. Prior to joining Kaplan, Brielle was a Campaign Director for Environment California and a Community Developer for the National Arthritis Foundation. Brielle has a range of experiences managing community wellness & education based projects, operating in a virtual workforce, researching health & engagement, as well as teaching Public Speech and Yoga. Brielle holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, Davis, and a M.A. in Communication from San Diego State University.