• Staff member

Gregory Johnson (he/him)

  • Staff Solution Engineer, Code for America

Gregory Johnson is a Staff Solution Engineer at Code for America (CfA), an organization that helped kickoff the civic tech ecosystem. Greg joined this ecosystem network in 2013 working on enterprise software for companies in regulated markets like healthcare, legal and insurance.

Before Code for America, Greg led DataGovs.com where he built a data processing engine that helped businesses meet compliance across all levels of government in America. Gregory has also worked at Microsoft advancing digital transformation through public-private partnerships to adopt cloud, big data, and AI solutions. 

Gregory is experienced in building products from 0-1 and working with scaling enterprise software companies. He was an early employee who helped build PxSource acquired by RevolutionEHR and TesserRx acquired by ELMCRx.com. In the CfA Network, Greg is known for his work formerly leading regional non-profit Code for South Florida, leading the 2019 Miami fellowship team, and supporting GetYourRefund South Florida effort in 2020. 

Gregory is a 1st generation American who grew up in Miami, Florida. He holds a degree from Florida International University and certificate from Stanford University for his open data research as a JSK Stanford Fellow. Outside of CfA, Greg spends his time advising founders and startup workers addressing problems in the nation’s interest.