• Staff member

Ivan Trujillo Priego (he/him)

  • Staff Solutions Engineer, Code for America

Ivan has over a decade of engineering expertise in developing cutting-edge hardware, software, and research. Ivan has successfully led the delivery of high-quality product solutions and research breakthroughs, defining full-cycle executable solutions from research to product deployment. Ivan brings a unique background as a Mechatronic Engineer,  Biomedical Engineer, and Biokinesiologist. Ivan worked as a Robotics Engineer at Dexterity Inc, where he developed full-stack robotic solutions in the space of warehousing and logistics. He then went on to start the R&D department at Happiest Baby (the maker of SNOO) , where he led technological innovations for infant biometrics and safety.  Ivan enjoys connecting with nature in whichever form his body, mind, and spirit allow, from hiking, rock climbing, swimming in the ocean to meditation. Ivan is also passionate about bringing mindfulness-based social action to the streets and building resilient communities. Ivan spends his free time developing medical device solutions for children with movement disorders, he believes children are the force that can change how humans act in this world and is a firm believer that all children should have access to equal opportunities and conditions.