• Fellow

Mick Thompson

  • 2012 Fellow, Code for America

Mick Thompson (Engineer in Residence) is a developer, author, and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience building reliable and scalable web applications. Mick has worked almost exclusively for startups where building applications on new and innovative technologies is the norm. He started Ignite NM, a night of geeky presentations in his home state of New Mexico. Mick worked on large streams of data at the realtime search engine Collecta in Santa Monica, CA. He built web applications and APIs for Occipital’s 360 Panorama in Boulder, CO. He was a Code for America Fellow in 2012 and decided to continue on working on making government better via technology as Engineer in Residence at CfA in San Francisco. He is passionate about open source software, web applications, API design, and open data.