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Improving access to flexible cash for families with low or no income

Millions of families are receiving their first payments of the Advance Child Tax Credit (AdvCTC), the new child allowance that pays 90% of American families up to $300 per child each month. We’re making it easy for families with low or no incomes to get the flexible cash that belongs to them with

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March 2021 marked a historic moment: the American Rescue Plan became law and expanded the Child Tax Credit. The expansion is expected to cut child poverty nearly in half—and it’s the largest child tax credit in American history.

The American Rescue Plan Act expands who is eligible to receive the Child Tax Credit’s cash payments and provides advance, automatic monthly payments. The automatic payments are a historic first. Making direct, flexible cash more accessible—and thus, equitable—helps close wealth gaps that have been widening for years due to systemic racism.

At Code for America, we believe that access to cash benefits should be equitable and inclusive. Only when financial stability is guaranteed to everyone will we reach true economic justice.

Flexible cash—meaning money that individuals and families decide how to spend for themselves—is one of the best ways to empower people toward financial stability. Cash support helps people provide for their basic needs, find and keep living wage jobs, and handle emergencies as they arise.

Code for America’s new portal, GetCTC, will help families access the Child Tax Credit and other tax benefits they might have missed, including stimulus payments. GetCTC makes it easy for families with low or no income to get the flexible cash they deserve. The portal is free, mobile-friendly, and available in English and Spanish.

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