National Outreach Campaign for Tax Benefits

Help Families Get Their Child Tax Credit

Families are eligible for thousands of dollars from the Child Tax Credit and other tax benefits this year. A family of four with low income who didn’t file last year could get nearly $20,000 in tax benefits—but only if they file a return.

Illustration of an adult helping a child with homework at the kitchen table

Research shows that state and local benefits agencies are the best messengers to reach out to families who don’t usually file tax returns.

A single text message to SNAP beneficiaries in a medium-sized state could get over 1,000 families to claim millions of dollars in benefits.

At Code for America, we believe that all families deserve access to free, trustworthy services to help them prepare their taxes and access the tax benefits that belong to them, such as the Child Tax Credit and economic stimulus payments. We created and to make the filing process simple, straightforward, and mobile-accessible in English and Spanish.

Hi [first-name], this is [sender-first-name] from [agency]. If you didn’t file taxes this year, you may be eligible for thousands of dollars in federal benefits. It’s easy to claim your money. This money does not count for [SNAP] benefits. Visit[state].

Top recommended text message, based on messaging performance in 2021 and early 2022

Our goal is for every state benefits agency in the country to send tax benefits outreach to its beneficiaries. Join the long list of states already committed to doing this outreach.

We have a team of organizations ready to support you to do this work.

For more information, read our 2022 Outreach Partnership guide.

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