In 2024, the IRS is launching Direct File, a historic new tool that eligible taxpayers can use to file their federal returns for free. In collaboration with the states of Arizona and New York, Code for America is launching FileYourStateTaxes, a companion filing tool that Direct File taxpayers in those states can use to easily file their state returns, too.

With FileYourStateTaxes, we are demonstrating the promise and potential of state tax filing integrated with Direct File, proving that taxpayers can file both returns in one seamless experience. We hope our model will inspire states around the country to join this powerful project.

How does it work?

Beginning in March 2024, all eligible taxpayers can file their federal returns with Direct File at Direct File is mobile-friendly and bilingual, provides live chat support, and walks taxpayers through the steps of filing a tax return, like many existing software options.

Upon completing the federal return on the IRS website, taxpayers in Arizona and New York have the option to export their data from Direct File to FileYourStateTaxes. The state filing tool asks a few more questions specific to state situations, and files the state tax return. Because most state tax return information is on the federal return, it will generally take no more than a few minutes for taxpayers to use FileYourStateTaxes.

FileYourStateTaxes is built explicitly to integrate with Direct File and can only be used by taxpayers using Direct File for their federal taxes.

Who can use it?

Direct File is starting small to get it right. In 2024, Direct File covers taxpayers with common tax cases, estimated to represent about half of filers with low- and middle-incomes. Eligibility for FileYourStateTaxes is based on eligibility for Direct File, and the vast majority of Direct File taxpayers in New York and Arizona are eligible to use it. More details on Direct File eligibility are available at More details on FileYourStateTaxes eligibility are available at

When will it be available?

FileYourStateTaxes will become publicly available when Direct File does, likely in early March 2024. Visit for the latest timeline, and to sign up for updates.

Is it free?

Yes. FileYourStateTaxes—like Direct File—will always be absolutely free for taxpayers to use.

What’s next for FileYourStateTaxes?

We believe in the Direct File project to provide free, easy tax filing to every American. Expanding Direct File in future years means supporting state filing in more states. Code for America hopes to share our lessons from 2024 with any state looking to join Direct File, and is exploring the possibility of offering FileYourStateTaxes in partnership with additional states in future years.

Are you a government leader who’s interested in bringing free, easy tax filing to your state?

Let’s work together to deliver state filing to your residents.