Products and services are never “finished,” only improved. The same can be said about policy. Course-correct over time by starting small, learning from deliberate experimentation, and building up to big changes. Improve services on an ongoing basis, and iterate on the implementation of policy from the start. Favor progress and working services over perfect or complete projects.

The vision

  • The product life cycle is planned so that it is never complete, only improved.
  • New services are released using an Alpha-Beta-Live approach, where initial launches are as small as possible and as fast as possible, to enable the most learning from the public usage of it.
  • System and process changes are made with input from people affected.
  • People that provide feedback know how services improved based on their input.
  • Service funding allows for small pilot programs to be funded rapidly.
  • A service’s success is evaluated on whether or not it improves outcomes for the public.
  • Services that do not positively address user outcomes are deprioritized, and unaddressed user outcomes spawn new services.
  • Larger service funding is available when pilot programs show promising results, and this larger funding is available in a simple scaling manner.
  • Procurements are rapid, small in size, and modular.
  • Smaller businesses, and businesses with ties to the local community, are considered regularly for work.


Success stories