AI Will Reshape Our Technology Systems—Government Must Be Ready

We’re announcing our AI Studio to help government prepare to use artificial intelligence in human-centered ways

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Our Summit theme this year reflects the massive changes we’re seeing as a result of shifting technologies: Building a new digital age that works for all. A significant part of building that new digital age will be understanding how to use AI responsibly and effectively.

Used correctly, AI can be a huge help for administering government systems—think of streamlining benefits application processes and freeing up caseworker time to focus on the people who need it. But like any new technology, if not implemented carefully, AI poses a risk of reinforcing inequities and erasing the human touch. 

That’s why Code for America is launching our AI Studio, a new initiative focused on preparing government for working with new technologies. Drawing on learnings from our ongoing in-house experimentation with generative AI, we’re excited to start by hosting workshops, with both in-person and online options, in fall 2024. The workshops will be a hands-on way for government to learn about the opportunities and considerations of leveraging AI and implementing these systems responsibly.

We’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with government for years to build human-centered technology systems that make it easier for people to access safety net benefits, file their taxes, and get their criminal records cleared. We know that a “move fast and break things” approach doesn’t work when reshaping government systems—and instead, the best solutions come from a measured approach to big challenges using trusted tools and processes from the tech world. 

Enabling government to work with AI will be no different. We are shaping our AI Studio with the Code for America value of listening first—starting by listening to the needs of our partners in government to determine how we can be most helpful. 

We will continue to develop and evolve the AI Studio offerings in response to needs from the field and invite others who are exploring a human-centered approach to AI to partner with us to scale this work.  

“Rather than rushing into adopting AI technologies, we’ve been trying to strike a careful balance… So for every step that we implement, we aim to “think like our clients” and envision if and how this might affect their experience.” 

Read more about our work using AI to improve the experience of applying for benefits.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this fall and finding ways we can continue to build towards a new digital age that works for all.

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