Statement From Code for America on the Conclusion of the NLRB Hearings Into Unit Definition

Over the past few weeks, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) convened a series of hearings that will enable Code for America and CfA Workers United to gain clarity on unit definition—essentially laying the groundwork for which employees should be in the union and which should not. 

When the process began, there were nearly 120 positions in question. Over the course of the hearings and related mediation sessions, Code for America and CfA Workers United were able to reach agreement on roughly 90 positions, with fewer than 30 to be determined by the NLRB.

Code for America will now prepare final documentation to conclude the case so that the NLRB has what it needs to reach its decision on the remaining positions.

As the NLRB process draws to a close, Code for America would like to express our deep appreciation to all those who participated in the hearings and our continued commitment to reaching a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with CfA Workers United.​​ 

We have made substantial progress toward a CBA including 13 tentative agreements on non-economic issues, and we plan to return to the negotiating table on July 13 to begin discussions on the remaining outstanding issues.

We hope that the NLRB will make its findings known as soon as is practicable. The decision on the size of the bargaining unit will help inform the fundamental economics at play, and will enable us to refine proposals on the core issues in front of us: compensation, benefits, paid time off, and more.

Ultimately, our goal remains the same. Code for America wants to reach a CBA that supports our mission, our staff, and that sets a model for other nonprofit social impact organizations like ours going forward.  

This will help ensure that Code for America can fulfill its mission for years to come—to continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our government partners to make equitable, lasting change for the people who use government services.

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