Code for America Launches AI Studio to Advance Human-Centered AI in Government

Leading civic tech nonprofit to host in-person and virtual workshops on ethical and effective AI in government later this fall

SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 2024 – Code for America–the leading civic tech nonprofit that works with community leaders and governments to build equitable, accessible digital tools and services–today announced the launch of its AI Studio to help government implement human-centered artificial intelligence (AI). 

Under the new initiative, Code for America will host workshops in the fall on the opportunities and ethical considerations of implementing AI systems. The workshops, in-person and virtual, will focus on the importance of piloting, testing, and then scaling AI adoption to ensure people aren’t left behind. Attendees will learn how to embrace human-centered principles, mitigate the risks associated with AI, and apply learnings to individual use cases. 

“We have entered a new digital age defined by emerging technologies with the potential to transform the relationship between government and the people it serves,” said Amanda Renteria, CEO of Code for America. “Government can and must adopt human-centered AI that treats people with dignity and respect when accessing critical services like food assistance, tax benefits, or criminal record clearance. We are excited to launch the AI Studio to help our government partners navigate this new tech landscape and equip them with resources and tools to advance thoughtful and equitable AI adoption.” 

The AI Studio will draw on learnings from Code for America’s ongoing in-house experimentation with the technology. During the pandemic, Code for America built an empathic, human-centered chatbot for GetCalFresh, the digital application assister for California’s version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The chatbot handled common, simple questions and directed applicants to relevant resources. Code for America continues to explore how AI can be implemented in government to help people access safety net benefits, receive tax benefits, and clear their criminal records while easing the burden on caseworkers. 

Code for America’s five principles of human-centered government are:  

  • Build equitable systems: Government services should lead to outcomes that are just and equitable.
  • Put people first: Government must be accessible, available, simple, interactive, and human.
  • Empower for action: Government workers need modern tools, decision-making power, trust, and collaboration.
  • Inform with evidence: Government workers should have actionable data and evidence about the services they deliver.
  • Improve continuously: Products, services, and policies should start small and improve iteratively. 

The AI Studio was announced on mainstage during Code for America’s Annual Summit in Oakland, California. The event convened technologists, policy experts, civic leaders, designers, and changemakers to discuss the equitable delivery of government services in the age of emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence. 

To find out more about signing up for Code for America’s AI workshops, fill out this interest form.  

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About Code for America 

Code for America, a nonprofit founded in 2009, believes that government can work for the people, and by the people, in the digital age. We work with government at all levels across the country to make the delivery of public services equitable with technology. We work with community organizations and governments to build digital tools, change policies, and improve programs. Our goal: a resilient government that effectively and equitably serves everyone. Learn more at

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